Just finished Season 5 of The Shield, hot damn was it good(spoilers)

Just finished Season 5 of The Shield, hot damn was it good(spoilers)

So i've been making my way through this show for the past month or so, for the first 4 seasons i'd watch a couple of episodes every night before I went to bed. But season 5 was different, I got through it in 3 days with me watching most of it yesterday and finally watching the finale today.

Even though I knew it was coming, Lem's death still hit me hard. The worst part was it didn't have to happen, Shane was begging Lem to run and if Lem had only done that he might still be alive, but Lem's own righteousness got the better of him and Shane felt like he had no other way out. Seeing Shane so remorseful over killing Lem was also tough to see. Also loved the foreshadowing towards the end with the whole grenade subplot running throughout the season.

I know i'm supposed to be rooting against Vic, but Kavanaugh is just such a sleazy guy that I couldn't help but cheer at the end of "Trophy" when Vic makes Kavanaugh look like a complete tool(and i was laughing my ass off when he trashed the motel room, Forest Whittaker definitely went full on ham in that scene, the "he's pissing on us!" also had me rolling). Vic for all of his faults gets shit done by getting dangerous criminals off the streets, Kavanaugh just ends up making people's lives miserable in his desperate attempts to go after the strike team(Emolia, Corrine) and lowering the morale of everyone at the barn after he moves in.

I also really felt bad for Tina, Julian acts like a complete dick to her most of the time(he's a far weaker training officer then Danny, who also comes off as kind of a bitch at times when confronting Tina though maybe that's just due to her being pregnant)and Dutch and the strike team seem to be the only ones that actually respect her as a person and don't just see her as a hot young piece of ass. I know some people find her annoying, but I found her charming and likable. I loved Paula Garces ever since I saw her in Clockstoppers and i'm happy to see her get a role like this.

Also got to give it up for that interrogation of Cleavon, holy shit that has to be the best interrogation scene i've seen in any TV show or movie.

Thankfully it's not all doom and gloom as there's also some good comedy from Billings, who is clearly not too invested in his career in law-enforcement and is just running out the clock until his retirement, as such he thinks more about what's convenient for him then helping everyone else out(prime example being the nanny-cam in the locker room that leads to photos of Tina in her bra and panties getting out, and all because he thought someone was stealing from his precious vending machines).

I'm now eager to start up season 6 right away.

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